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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Ritz Cinema opposite Ducketts Common in 1930

Coventry Evening Telegraph, 28 February 1950

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Interesting this article was in the Cov Evening Telegraph, says I, being from Cov.

An amazing variety of far-flung local papers regularly used to pick up pretty unremarkable stories about Harringay. I guess if you have a local paper to fill and not much is happening locally.....

Don't assume nothing much happening in Cov Hugh...!! The city was in the midst of massive post-war rebuilding and was breaking new territory in many ways with the emerging city centre. Lots going on with industry and education. But I think provincial papers liked these tidbits from London, tragedy and drama type of thing. Bad news is good news for the press. 

I was at Warwick Uni; I have nothing against Cov. My throwaway comment wasn't aimed at Cov, rather at smaller provincial papers in general. Of course, it may just be that that there was more coming off the wires about London than about anywhere else. So it was the easiest place to gather stories to fill a local paper.

I didn't take it as being anti-Coventry Hugh! 

We locals used to joke about Warwick Uni (which was built very near to where I grew up.) A university that was in Coventry but not really in Coventry.... I used to pop over there for the odd night out and to hang around with students, it was all very 'cool' when I was a teenager... You might be interested in having a look at my books on 1970s and 1980s Coventry as the uni gets a fair few mentions in terms of the nightlife and music. 



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