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Very interesting. It's funny to think that it was already more or less forgotten by 1907.

It is funny, particularly since it was only 20 years prior to this that the scant remains of the old house, knocked down in 1885, were to be seen.


There is no known picture of the house, but what pictorial hints there are, are here.

Here is some of the fantastic art collection that used to be held there.

Here are some history snippets from HoL.

And, here are my semi-coherent ramblings on Wikipedia.

I wonder if a picture may one day come to light. When someone builds a fairly grand house like that, and then becomes known for their art collection and so on, you would think some invited visitor would want to do a little watercolour painting or drawing of it. But on the other hand any such picture could easily have been thrown out when the artist died.
I can't believe that there's not one out there somewhere. There was a photo a some point in the North Middx Photo Soc set, but by the time I was looking at the set in Hornsey Library in the early nineties, it was missing (not surprising given that the pics were in an unsecured filing cabinet in the upstairs room).



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