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Hi everyone,

Today I saw signs on Warham Road stating that there will be 2 way traffic from 18.3.19 onwards. Does anyone have any more details on this? Why is this happening? For how long? How will they establish a 2 way traffic? Will there be parking suspensions?

I know the Council had sent around flyers regarding Wightman Road but from memory Warham Road will not be affected until a later stage. 

Any thoughts and details greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


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I saw this sign this evening. It is further up the road near Haringey Passage. They will have to suspend parking on at least one side of the road to enable this I would have thought. Be impossible otherwise. 

I got in contact with Cllr Brabazon yesterday and she written to Haringey asking what’s going on.  I’ll post back here when I hear from her.  There was not even a suggestion that this was on the cards during the consultation on the Wightman Road changes.  Indeed the only thing that was mentioned was the possible reversal,of the traffic flow on Warham and that this would be subject to a consultation with Warham residents, which has not happened.

It would be impossible to make Warham two way without either suspending parking on one side of the road (about 100 parking spaces) or getting cars to park on the pavement as on Wightman Road.  As far as I’m aware no residents have been informed of the works apart from the street signs (warning of changes happening on Monday!) that appeared yesterday aimed at people driving up the road.

It’s either a mistake or a monumental cock up.  

I see that Zena’s email to the traffic supremos assumes this is some sort of mistake. That was certainly my first thought. But we do live in Haringeyland; stranger things.,,,,,

Let’s hope so.  No mention of it on Haringey’s planned road works map


Thanks a lot Michael. Let's hope it is a mistake. Warham Road is already experiencing above average traffic volumes compared to most of the other Ladder streets. 

I assume this would be temporary but for what reason? And why place such a big burden on one particular street? If this was a permanent change Warham Road residents surely would have to be consulted, no? 

But even if this is a temporary measure the council should have at least contacted us and explained what was going on and for how long. very poor style. 

Not unless its a temporary measure while they sort out the changes on Wightman.

That was my thought, but the lack of notice to anyone to give context is very unhelpful.

We, as the LCSP Traffic Group, have tried on many occasions to get officers to speak with us so we can discuss their plans, and outline where we feel there are shortcomings. Zena has been helpful in trying to oil those wheels, but to no effect. Sadly I get the impression the council are done with this touchy feely thing and gone back to old habits of imposing 'solutions'.

Even temporarily it won’t work. The road is single carriage, has a car width pinchpoint in the middle and another one at the junction with Green Lanes so even if one side was cleared of parking cars wouldn’t be able to pass each other

Justin ... there are very few, if any, officers left to talk to you or anyone else about anything. The last CEO gutted the place. Prolly getting Haringey ready for take over by another council. All the others around us seem to be doing rather well listening to and serving the functions as expected, even beyond.

Absolutely Matt, I know that they have been decimated by cuts in central funding- I totally get that and I would not blame the last CEO for that, the CEO worked with what they had, as does the current CEO. However, the officers we have talked to throughout this multi year process are still in post, they choose not to engage...

Reply just received from Peter Boddy, Transport Manager (see below) I’ve written back suggesting that they need to let the people living on Warham what is happening 

The temporary advanced warning traffic management signing on Warham Road is not related to the scheme associated with the Green Lane Study.

 Haringey will be undertaking resurfacing works on Salisbury Road as part of the extensive patching programme to improve its condition. In order to be able to do this Salisbury Road needs to be closed.  Because of the no right turn from Green Lanes into Warham Road,  alternative access for residents of Warham Road will be provided from the Wightman Road end, with Warham Road being made  2 way (access only)

 These works are programme to take place in the 18th and 19th March. Should you require any further information on these works please contact the Highways Manager, Mahmood Ramjam, who will be happy to discuss the details of them with you.

Thanks Michael. Wouldnt it be easier to allow those cars to turn right just for those 2 days instead of having 2 way access to the street. or just accept the fact that you cant go up via Salisbury Road. there are other ways and streets to connect up to Wightman road and also to get onto our road. 

still would have been nice to get some more warning and an explanation. 

thaks for chasing them. 



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