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History of Harringay


History of Harringay

For members interested in sharing and learning more about the history of Harringay and neighbouring areas.

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Harringay's History

Harringay's History by Harringay Online

1. History Group Articles & Discussions

This group has a series of articles, including some original research about the neighbourhood history. It's often the case that the discussion element of the group initiates new thinking and leads to the discovery of new learning.

2. Historical Photos and Other Images

More historical photos than you can shake a stick at from 1860 onwards. Our resources include a wide range of photos including some unique ones. 

See a full list of the albums along with links, here

3. In the Forum

Sometimes posts about Harringay's history get added to the forum. We've tried to gather as many as possible of those together here, (but there may be unlinked gems!). As with the History Group, discussion often leads to new insights.

4. Film

Historic footage from 1920 on.


5. Wikipedia (the First-ever Published History of Harringay)

A series of eight articles on Wikipedia all thoroughly researched and referenced, if rather hurriedly written by Hugh, which when published in 2007-08, together made up the first ever history of Harringay.


6. Personal Memories Blogs

collection of memories from times past written by former residents of the area.

7. Virtual Blue Plaque Map

A map charting the residences of the more well-known residents from our history. (Sadly the Community Walk Map seems not to be functioning 100% with Google Maps any longer, but it still good enough to see the key information).  A work in progress begun in July 2010. More here.


8. Telling Harringay's History

Download a short pdf by Hugh about writing the first history of Harringay (click the picture to download):


9. Timeline

We developed a Harringay timeline on Dipity's innovative website back in 2010. It was a convenient  way to leaf through our neighbourhood's history. Sadly, the Dipity website closed from late 2016. Moist of it survived for a till late 2019 in a version of the page on the Wayback Machine. However, the site seems to have relied on a Google API. This was disabled by Google for all Dipity timelines and now little information is accessible. 






Other sources for Harringay historical info

Other local history links

Links beyond Haringey

Harringay Online Discussion Forum

Harringay 1921 from "The Outer Circle : rambles in remote London"

Started by Hugh. Last reply by EMC2 on Friday. 16 Replies

Plus ca change:From "The Manor House," where Seven Sisters Road crosses Green Lanes, the way lies straight to Harringay and Hornsey. Harringay, I learn from the local guide, "is and has been for many…Back to Harringay Online

Tags for Forum Posts: Harringay name

The Elms Hornsey - a Mysteriously Wealthy Tobacconist, a Hidden Russian Princess and a Jujitsi-Loving Victorian Publisher

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Straw Cat on Friday. 15 Replies

The Elms was one a handful a large houses built in Hornsey before the nineteenth century, of which none now survive. Its story offers a few interesting secrets.…Back to Harringay Online

Britain’s Last anti-Jewish Riots Send Post-war Ripple through Harringay

Started by Hugh Sep 20. 0 Replies

This minor but unpleasant episode of racist unrest followed violence again British soldiers in Palestine. Harringay's synagogue on Wightman Road (where the mosque now is) suffered some damage (see…Back to Harringay Online

Hornsey's First Pleasure Grounds

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Ken Stevens Sep 19. 5 Replies

Image 1: Hornsey High Street, with the pleasure grounds on the left of the…Back to Harringay Online

A Forgotten Little Corner of Wood Green

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Hugh Aug 30. 19 Replies

It's odd how my history journey goes. I seem to hit these patches when I keep getting drawn back to a particular small area time and again, even when I have no particular interest in it. When this…Back to Harringay Online

Unique photos of Northumberland House circa 1900

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Geraldine Aug 22. 48 Replies

This weekend I made HoL's latest local history acquisition with the purchase of a set of photos showing the exterior and interior of Northumberland House.For those who aren't familiar with…Back to Harringay Online

Tags for Forum Posts: manor house / woodberry down, northumberland house, new river, manor house

A River Through it - Development of the New River and Water Works in Hornsey

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Hugh Aug 13. 34 Replies

The reservoir and water works in Hornsey have been a familiar site to locals for over a century and a half. But the story of their development is much less well known. The area of land just to the…Back to Harringay Online

Tags for Forum Posts: hornsey reservoir, new river, thames water

'Take That' got start in Harringay: Bolts nightclub and all that

Started by Hugh. Last reply by Vic Upson Aug 8. 20 Replies

I've just come back from and event where I fell into conversation with a chap called Nicky Price. Nicky's an interesting guy with some great local connections.Back in 1981 young Greek entrepreneur,…Back to Harringay Online

Buy a Little Memento of the Queen's Head

Started by Hugh. Last reply by John Shulver Aug 6. 18 Replies

The Queen's Head was an old coaching inn, first running in the eighteenth century (and possibly earlier).On ebay today, I noticed a match case that includes an inscription relating to the pub. So, of…Back to Harringay Online

Medal Citation For Attempted Rescue in tragic Hornsey Fire

Started by Hugh. Last reply by John Shulver Aug 6. 2 Replies

I came across the following citation for an Order of St. John Lifesaving Medal, presented to Sgt. Arthur Patrick McNally of 7 Bttn. Midx. Rgt. 1931.It recites a tragic incident  but I thought it…Back to Harringay Online


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