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I'm a writer/teacher, been away in USA for a while and overwhelmed/behind with work. Could really use some administrative help: filing, organising. 

Not sure how much work. It depends. But SOME familiarity with basic admin preferred - it's really not rocket science - but someone proactive and/or familiar with life/needs of writer/teacher also welcome! 


Eva Salzman

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Hi Eva, I have some free time at the moment so shall be happy to discuss what's involved.  I guess my first challenge is to work out how to send you a PM request!  All the best, Kate.

We need to be connected. Send me a connection request? 

Hi Eva 

I am available to help if you're still looking.

Would you like to send me an email via

lornafarrant@aol.com we can discuss your requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you 

Hello Eva,

My name is Shan and I have worked in administration and project management (in media and advertising) for 15 years. 

I’m in N2 with a car and Oyrster card and legs. 

Approachable, efficient and genuinely loves organising!

Twitter - shanBmagnusson



I replied to you but now see now indication the message was sent. 

Can you swing by tomorrow by any chance? You look like you might range of skills useful though right now I really need some basic filing and organising stuff done. 

My email is eva@evasalzman.com and cell phone is 075 1547 7788. 

What are your hourly charges or, even better, your day rate? 




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