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I know this is a frequent topic on here, but bear with me. 

There seems to have been more low-flying aircraft than usual in the past four days - some very low, and very noisy, particularly from 6-7am.

Meanwhile, Heathrow's "independent parallel approaches" plan seems to be both out for consultation, and, if the Standard is to be believed, simultaneously being rolling out. 

As usual with Heathrow it's all really opaque, deliberately so I'm sure, but does this mean the levels of noise we've seen this week are what we can expect for the next ten years?

Does anyone have any insight?

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To clarify: ten years being the period the new flight paths will be in force, I think - ie, until the third runway opens.

The answer by Zhirayr last year seemed pretty well informed. We seem, as the links in that that comment suggest, to be right nearby the path of the Lambourne Stack.

It's funny, I've noticed it less lately. I think it's because I just don't let myself mind so much now.

A neighbour on MountView Road this week received a planning consultation letter regarding how the 3rd runway plans for Heathrow will change the flight paths across London. This directs you to a site https://feedback.heathrowconsultation.com

There you can enter your postcode, see what is being planned and give feedback. A video (worth viewing) show how the 'design envelopes' for the change in  the flight paths "for years to come" are being planned and asking for feedback.

When I entered my N4 postcode it showed that we could expect 0-47 arrival flights a day passing overhead at 4,000-5,000ft.
Does anyone know how this might compare with the current situation. If I look at the data for 2017 it looks like an improvement (https://www.heathrow.com/file_source/HeathrowNoise/Static/arr_west_...) or am I misreading it?

Having lived in north London for a few decades, I can honestly say I hardly notice the odd aeroplane flying overhead here. It’s simply part of the background sound of a big city.



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