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Anyone else had their bank contact them about attempted dodgy transactions on their account at Dominos?

Happened to me today. Also happened to a family member and some people they know recently. Suggests a common issue with a particular business on GL. Only places that could have skimmed my card recently are a particular off license, a particular coffee shop and a particular drinking establishment.

Anyone else had the same problem? 

It seems the scamsters get the card details, test it works via a Dominos online purchase (for a couple of pence) before trying a larger transaction.

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I have!  They tried the same trick of an online purchase for a couple of pence and then attempted a bigger pizza purchase. 

Have you used any of the shops I alluded to on GL lately? I don't want to be too specific about which ones because they might lose business unfairly but i suspect that's where the skimming happens.

It was a card I hardly ever use so can easily double check on my statement.  Will investigate. 

My thorough investigations reveal that the card was only used in a supermarket chain in Wood Green.  I rarely use it. 

Sounds like a random/widespread thing then.

Yep happened to my partner and sister in law this week too! The only place they both used their card at was a coffee shop ( in Finsbury Park) but they tried to take from my wife’s bank card and Monzo card too which makes me think maybe it was a hand held scanner. They did a dominos order of £23 then also tried a £280 spend on booking.com too. 

My friend had the bank call her re a dodger transaction. They froze her accounts so it was an attempted big one! 

Obviously lots of it going on! 

Someone might be intercepting your chip info with a reader. They might be walking about using a handheld reader or the shop terminals concerned don't realise they have malware on their terminal which is taking your chip info. A rather complicated article explains a fault with chip & pin; https://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/09/13/chip_and_pin_security_flaw...

Yes, I also had this - my bank got in contact last Friday re a 0.01p transaction at Dominos.

However, I would be cautious about relating this to a high street retailer!

In the last few months it has emerged that quite a few on-line companies have had their websites hacked & that a lot of card data may have been gathered.

British Airways are saying 380,000 transactions were affected, and there has been a similar attack on the Ticketmaster site.

e.g. in the BA case:

"Between very specific times and dates (22:58 BST August 21 2018 and 21:45 BST September 5 2018) over a period of two weeks, it appears that the names, addresses, and all bank card details of customer data were stolen"

Given that these attacks use quite a new approach, I would expect that BA & TicketMaster are the tip of the iceberg...

Agree that it's unlikely to be anything to do with a local retailer but do wonder why the perpetrators use Dominos so regularly as their test transaction

Here’s an article about why scammers use Dominos, from a few years ago:


Interesting but, surely plenty of other apps are just as easy to test on with stolen credit card numbers. Maybe Dominos is actually the dark net :)



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