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As I am sure many of you know, Wood Green is one of the worst places in the country to take a driving test, with a terribly low pass rate.

What I don't know, is where nearby isn't quite as hellish. Does anyone have any suggestions? Barnet? Hendon? 

Any help much appreciated 

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My son took his in Barnet and my daughter did hers in Hendon last year.  Both are a good alternative to Wood Green!!   I think Barnet is slightly nearer.  See which has the best test dates and times to suit you.  

I failed my first test in Wood Green. I still have memories of being outrageously cut up by a boy racer on the north circular at a junction, panicking and realising immediately that I'd flunked it.

The second time I ended up somewhere slightly further out, Barnet I think. That time I passed (but I'd like to think more from increased skill than geography!). 

Edmonton 1972 in an Austin 1100 - the examiner was typical of the time, a softer Terry Thomas type, tweed jacket, flat cap, bushy moustache and coudroy trousers. Perhaps also a Magistrate?

Pull over there and we'll try a three point turn! And now a hill start! Congratulations, you've passed.  One shy young person, very happy and 44 years later, I'm still at it.

Sorry to repeat what's already been said but in case you require further statistical proof, I failed twice in Wood Green, so I would avoid at all cost.

All the statistics you want here - http://www.driving-test-success.com/dsa_driving_test_centre_pass_ra....

Wood Green pass rate is - men 43.9%       women 34.7%

Enfield is worse -               men 38.0%       women 33.5%

Hendon is better -             men 47.1%       women 41.4%

The place to take your test is

Lerwick                               men 70.1 %      women 72.7%

Lerwick is worth a visit even if you already have a driving license.

Interesting, thanks. Although just a small point - those statistics don't necessarily tell you how 'easy' it is to pass at a particular test centre because other factors may also have an effect, such as variance in the quality of the applicants from one test centre to another.

Of course, that is why the results from Scotland are better than England

I'm doomed.

Come, come, Coco!  You can do it!  Half of it's about confidence.  I think Hendon is good.  I did my test there (more years ago than I care to remember).  Nice wide roads with good visibility.  But a nightmare if you don't like mini roundabouts!

As a bit of balance, my husband passed first time(*) at Wood Green this year. If you are looking for an instructor I'm sure he will recommend his.

* we don't count the test he failed 30 years ago!

Wouldn't you be a better and safer driver if you passed a harder test?



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