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My bike just got stolen from outside Sainbury's (williamson Rd, around 2.30pm Sunday 1st Sept). 

On the off chance that anyone spots it for sale, it's a turquoise Giant Liv Alight bike. 

See pic below 

No photo description available.

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Bad luck, you cant have anything can you. Where was it parked/tied up etc.

Check ebay and gum tree. A cousin of a fiend of mine got hers back through tracking it down on line and some how managing to meet the thief... She was a pretty gutsy person though!

It was locked to the rails outside the main entrance opposite the Timpsons.

Blimey. That sounds brazen. I always park mine up near the petrol station entrance, or further away around the far side of the entrance on the bike sands. I always feel both are vulnerable to be honest...

Apparently Salisbury have some CCTV around outside of the store. I believe there was a discussion some time back about them having security overlooking the bike stands, which they were apparently reluctant to do by all accounts. Might be worth seeing if they will let you see any overlooking your bike.

Thanks for the tip, I just went back to ask but unfortunately I've parked it up in the blind spot.

Found the broken lock, doubt it's much use though.

Bad luck Lisa. I've heard so many stories of bikes being nicked this year. Good luck with your search. Mine was nicked from Tottenham Green Leisure Centre back in January, but to be honest, I don't think the police even bothered looking into it.

Sorry to hear that Lisa - this thread is a helpful resource:


Cheers, it's on bike register at least....

A friend who had his bike stolen a few months ago spotted it (quite by chance) in one of the alleys between shops along Turnpike Lane (41 bus route, not the High Rd). It was chained up with several others, obviously stashed there, and he eventually freed it with some bolt cutters, also alerted the nearby shop keepers. 

I'm probably not going to waste too much time trying to recover it, but out of interest, where was this?

Sorry, I do not check up on HoL very often! I do not think I can describe it any better than my original post; there are narrow lanes between some of the shops along Turnpike Lane which you may not notice at first, leading to delivery areas or other buildings. My friend was going to the ?optician ?dentist (I can't remember) and I think mentioned a butcher's nearby, sorry I can't be more specific.

As a fellow cyclist who locks up outside Sainsbury's sometimes, would you mind saying which lock type they broke?

Blimey I lock mine up there regularly, although I do always use kryptonite locks

had so many bikes stolen over the years. Last time the police also told me to check brick lane market, as they have lots stolen bikes there 



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