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Hi Everyone,

I'm relocating to another country in the next couple of months so i've started packing and clearing out things I either no longer need/want/use. Instead of adding to the local tip, i'd see if anyone on here could put them to use.

All of the below are up for grabs and looking for a lovely new home. Drop me a line if you're interested in anything. I am keen to give them away asap so first come first served!

1. Philips iPhone/Pod speakers and docking station:

Compatible with iPod classic or 3rd Generation Nano & iPhone 4. I no longer have the tech which works with it so it's useless to me. (I haven't used it in a good few years so assume it still works) Powered by plug or 4 x AA batteries through the back.

2. Lexmark X5260 Printer and Scanner:

I don't have any instructions for this but they can be found online. Again, haven't used it in a while but has been tucked away safely in a drawer. Throwing in 2 ink cartridges that go with it. Powered by plug and then usb to connect to a laptop.

3. DVD Player

Again, haven't used this is years so assume it still works..! Silver Ronin dvd player with remote control, scart lead and plug.

4. Curtains:

Two large curtains with tie-backs and loops at the top. They are pretty long as they were made for my very high ceilinged flat in Edinburgh a few years ago! Dimensions: Length - 111"/282cm x Width 76" / 193cm. I just pinned them up to fit my window bay down here but if you're a dab hand at sewing then they'll be very easy to take up. Fabric in excellent condition so could be re-used for anything you want. 

Any questions just ask.



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The curtains have already gone - that was quick! 

Everything else still up for grabs.


Where are you based?

I'm on the ladder Florence - very close to Turnpike Lane Station.

I would be interested in the printer if it is still going and I can collect today.  Sorry just looked at the dimensions and too big for my computer table. Shame 

ah someone has just emailed me about it in the last few mins! If they decide against or can't collect then i'll drop you a line and you'll be first in line.



Hi, I would like to take the DVD player, if still available. 

Yep - still available and yours for the taking Kay! I'll message you now


R :)

Is the IPhone speaker still going? I am (sad to say) somewhat old school in still using an iPhone 4....

they're yours Justin! (and nothing wrong with being old school)

i'll end you a message now to arrange collection.



the dvd player has gone now also.

Hi, would be interested in the printer if it hasn't gone already! Thanks, Sue

Hi Sue, will keep you posted as someone has already emailed me about it.

Haven't heard from them in a while or regarding collection though so it might still be your's yet! Thanks, R



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