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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

... lunch time xmas shopping. Council regen project. Snapped whilst passing through.

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That's a shame.

Hope this morning's weather put off any potential visitors rather than this being the norm. I've been at the weekend and thought it had a nice vibe and was pretty busy.  

Definitely ripe for regeneration. Reminds me of Christiania without the pushers.

To be fair, it’s a meanwhile use project (i.e. temporary pending development). It’s never excited me but it has got good press and provides good photo ops for Wood Green. 

It can get busy

It's super busy in the yard today for the vegan Xmas market, even with the rain. But it's not unusual for it to be quiet mid-week. That said there's always a steady flow of people coming for the plastic-free grocery store through the week. 

REALLY good coffee in the bus. 

We shop at Harmless for refills of cleaning products and there is a queue out of the door most of the time at weekends. They have asked people not to do their usual shop over this weekend but to come another time because they'll be super overcrowded due to the event that's on.

Good to hear



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