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I see from previous posts that a few attempts have been made to sustain a business networking group, and unless I'm missing something, it doesn't look like there is currently a network operating right now. Hence I'm wondering if it's worth trying again, and getting a few people around a table in one of Green Lane's cafes on a Friday afternoon. 

I've recently changed how I work: from running a business with employees to trying to avoid hiring people and working from home. It's been awesome, but I recognise that I'm missing out on some of the benefits of working with some other people around me.

I'd like to join with other self-employed / micro-business / home workers who are interested in helping each other out. I'm thinking that we can share advice; brainstorm; offer a focus group to test out products, services or business ideas; or perhaps simply offer a more sociable environment to do some boring admin tasks. And of course, share the workload of sustaining the network. 

I don't want it to be a group where people try to sell to each other. That’s one of the big problems with business networking / support groups - that's all some people focus on, and it doesn't create a sustainable network. (I'm not saying that people shouldn't refer work - that’d be great and it would be a great help for people to be on the look out for potential new work for each group member. However I don't think that should be the focus of the network.)  


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I work as a freelance editor, from home/the cafes of Harringay. I’d be interested in a kind of info-sharing group, whether on clever ways to run a small business or brainstorming tricky stuff. 

Cool. That's the kind of thing I'm thinking. 

Photographer here. Good idea. Strangely enough, I was idly thinking of something similar about the same time as you were posting this!

Cool. Well, that's three of us - and that's a crowd, which is good. I know another local who wants to join us too. 

Shall we just start this Friday and go from there? What about meeting in Opera on Green Lanes at 3pm on Friday? 

I might take a wander down to the cafes in Green Lanes this afternoon and interrupt some people on laptops to see if they're interested. 

Can do!

Count me in :-)

I won’t be able to make it then (parenting duties), but let me know when you’re next meeting up and I’ll try to join you. Mornings/early afternoons suit me best. 

I'm self-employed and mostly on site with clients but at home on a Friday usually, I'd probably join a co-working session. Would prefer something casual as I can't commit to every week.


I've created a LinkedIn group which might help to grow the group to members not on HarringayOnline.  


I've been into the cafes along Green Lanes. These are dates and times I've arranged. Please help to get this going by spreading the word / emailing / speaking / social media inviting others you know or you meet around the area. 

Thanks a lot: 

3pm Friday 26/01/2018

  • Opera Cafe & Bistro, 5 Grand Parade Harringay, N4 1JX

3pm Friday 02/02/2018

  • Music & Beans, 461 Green Lanes, Harringay, N4 1HE

3pm Friday 09/02/2018

  • Snug, 549 Green Lanes, Harringay, N8 0RL

3pm Friday 16/02/2018

  • Blend, 587 Green Lanes, Harringay, N8 0RG

Maybe consider running these groups a bit earlier, as you’re ruling out anyone who has to collect children from school. 



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