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Just heard from a friend that Cafe Moka on Wightman road is closing for good. Not sure when, but imminently I believe, or possibly already gone.

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Bummer. Its a hard location though.

Kevin told me end of May. He and his family are moving somewhere a bit more “rural” in search of more space and (probably) fresh air. 

With Blend and Local Store also for sale, decent local options may once again become limited. 

What's happening to Blend?

They’re advertising that they are up for sale. 

The staff say no! that's this afternoon!

This is untrue about Blend.....I asked today and they didn't know what I was talking about!!!!

Maybe I misunderstood...

well they haven't told their staff...which is surprising...

This Saturday morning is his last day.  Kev has been an amazing person who has brought a great community spirit to those of us who attend Moka regularly.  I am very sorry to see him go but I wish him well with his new ventures in Surrey.

i never went back after they gave us food poisoning



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