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Hi all,  I'm hoping someone might be able to help me.

In early April Veolia never returned my bin to the front courtyard after emptying it and someone has evidently nicked off with it.  My flatmate and I both contacted Haringey Council to ask for a replacement bin and they've dithered and dathered since, first claiming that we would have to pay £30 to replace it, and then agreeing that if Veolia were at fault then the charge would be waived.  They sent someone out to 'investigate' who closed his investigation because he was sent to check for a missing recycling, not refuse, bin.  They then said they would send another investigator out, but never did and have no record of that conversation when we rang to follow up.  They have again suggested that they will send out someone to investigate, but I don't have high hopes.

My flatmate is about ready to just pay the £30 to get this over and done with, but I don't think that's fair.  

I just want a replacement bin supplied free of charge, as the council confirmed I am entitled to.

Any tips on who to contact to get this sorted promptly?  We have one bin between two flats and it's getting very full each week!

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If I were you, I'd contact my councillor.

I also suggest that you write to Haringey/Veolia and inicate the catch 22 situation saying that the bin and the entire system for refuse collection is imposed by the Haringey, you can't practically lock it to the front of the property and that unless they prove that you were negligent or dishonest, plus, the conditions under which it is provided makes their demand for £30 for a replacement an unreasonable and unfair term of the 'contract' which is being imposed on you as a Haringey resfident and tax payer.

That really isn't too far from the truth is it?
The bin is theirs. They should put GPS in it if they want to ensure it doesn't go AWOL.

Also, when you do eventually get one back 'brand it' to make identifiable and less attractive for person not too well intentioned.

I feel for you. I had a similar issue with getting a sharps collections sorted out.  I only got the issue resolved when I logged a formal complaint.  There is a link somewhere on Haringey's website where you can do that.

We also had our bin damaged this week and the food waste one strewn across the garden.  They don't always empty the food waste and we had no collection for over 1 month which had loads of maggots inside.  On another occasion they just left the bins blocking our gate!  I have informed local councillors

Hi Helen, email Veolia in the strongest terms, copy to Zena Brabazon (Harringay ward) whom I note is Cllr for Civic Services! I've also had problems with Veolia not collecting garden waste sacks (for which I now pay!) over the past few months and at present a stray bin (black lidded) is residing on the pavement having been moved from whichever garden it belonged. You shouldn't have to pay to replace a bin which Veolia couldn't be bothered to replace. The amount of time and money residents are spending in trying to sort out problems created by this company is ridiculous.

Hi Kit and Helen

My email address is: zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk

Contact me with your addresses and I will follow up the issues. It all sounds absurd to me and should be solved instantly.


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Thanks Zena, I shall send an email tomorrow!.

Thanks for all the advice above folks, I knew the good people of HOL would help out!

Strange... I’ve had a bin and a bin lid replaced with no charge. Always found them very helpful on email, albeit it was there fault in both occasions.

What email address did you use?  I used info@veolia.co.uk but it bounced back



Veolia's contract has been cut by (i think) approx £2 million by your council. Hence the silly extra charges we have now & customer dissatisfaction.



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