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I want to get new contents insurance for my council accommodation but I needed to find out when my home was built. I'm in the council accommodation next to west green primary.....anyone have a clue? The council weren't very helpful when I rang earlier.

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If you mean the Culross and Albany Close development, my guess from looking at it would be 1975 - 1980. I'll flag this post up to Geoff who runs the Woodlands Park RA. He was probably around when it was built. So, he should have a good idea.

I do. I'm in Albany close.  Thanks.

Did you manage to find anything out about this?

Not yet, I'll email him. He may not have got the last message.

Ok. Thanks.

Hi Samantha,

I haven't been around here as long as Hugh thinks!  I moved in about 1985, and it was already there then.

I suspect that Hugh is about right - mid 1970s from talking to my partner, Liz.

It might be worth asking Bruce Castle Museum as they will have old maps that would help.

Thanks, Geoff. It was that Ever Ready labs photo that led me astray. 

Ah yes, I did work at Ever Ready in St Ann's Road from '74 to '79, but was living in Stamford Hill, so I went t'other way!

Oh you got my heart racing there Hugh !  I thought this item referred to origins of creation of the roads and subsequent development.   I've been trying to find historic details of an actual building in Stanley Road (Harringay Road end).   My paternal grandmother lived there with her 4 sons and one daughter and probably at one stage with a husband.   She lived in a horrible old terraced block of flats, 2 storey,   2 or 3 blocks in the terrace,  4 flats in each block.   I remember going there very early fifties,  she died there in 1953.  They looked ancient, dull and grotty in those days. Outside WC's.   Possibly early Victorian origin ?   They were demolished to make way for the school/flats development, I suppose sometime 70'80's.  They were numbered 12A,B,C,D.  A lovely old auntie lived opposite in  Number 11.    The right hand bottom end of Stanley Road bears no resemblance whatsoever of my memories.     So do you have any findings/details Hugh of the "origins"?

Samantha, Have you tried going back to the insurance company and telling them approx 75-80? I think that would be accurate enough for them. The key thing is not to be dishonest. 

Thanks for all this help!

Finally done! But not using Halifax that was asking questions that needed such detailed answers.



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