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Can I ask, what is the going rate for window cleaning - a terraced house on the ladder, front and back, inside and out? Have had two quotes so far - £60 and £65-£70. Does this seem reasonable?


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Seems extremely overpriced to me

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks so. I've since received a much more reasonable quote but no availability for a couple of weeks

I think I paid £10 for just the outside front of my house.  Two big bay windows (G & 1st), a side window and the front door and over-panel. 

That's pretty good (and exactly the same windows/door arrangement) - could I please have their contact details?

I'll send you the number by PM as I don't like to post people's details online without permission...
Oops...should have added it to the friend request. ..if you just accept the connection request I'll be able to send it through...bit of a rookie!

I just texted Steven the window cleaner and he said it was ok to post his number here 07896 433381

perfect - thank you Antoinette.

Makes sense - many thanks!

Ours does It for 30-40...

Message me for his details

Will do - thank you!

Reporting from Walthamstow, my window cleaner charges £7 for the front and another £7 for the back of my two-storey three-bedroom terraced house. It probably takes him about 15 minutes in total. I don't know about the inside - that would probably be more time-consuming, but £60-£70 seems excessive to me.



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