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From a Council press release:

The Liveable Crouch End project is currently on hold at the request of TfL. Proposed designs as part of the project include measures such as footway widening and cycle routes – which will support TfL’s social distancing priorities. These designs will now feed into further borough-wide assessments being undertaken by the Council relating to the Mayor’s Street Space programme.

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Livable Crouch End? Not so livable for those that can't afford to live in CE. Congestion/Fumes/Noise for the rest of us as traffic gets routed elsewhere whilst the CE luvvies will be loving their advantage once this comes into effect. 

Disdain for Crouch End residents apart, given TfL's current and future dire financial state this is highly unlikely to happen for the next five years at least, beyond temporary barrier widening of pavements as on Green Lanes by Iceland and the Post Office.

Why do people sneer at and disparage Crouch End ? Do they actually know anybody who lives in Crouch End ?

Or is it just jealousy and inverse snobbery ?

Not at all it just why is it that an area in this borough that is chock full of wealth is earmarked for an improvement scheme that will have an adverse effect on all areas around it. We don't want to breath in traffic fumes whilst we shop at Waitrose or the local organic grocers but those in Hornsey, Tottenham lane can put up with it whilst walking to Tesco metro! We had a trial of this scheme a year or so ago with the closing of various roads around Crouch End. The result was traffic jams all over place, 360 degrees in all directions from CE. As for do I know anyone who lives in Crouch End the simple answer is no, not anymore. They got priced out decades ago by the nouveau riche who took over. So they get a paved wonderland where they don't have to put up with traffic and associated pollution and the property values go up because of this. Little wonder Crouch Enders would love this! 

I see where you are coming from. " CE luvvies ",  "wealth "   "nouveau  riche ". You despise those who choose to shop at Waitrose ( quite a nice store ) or organic grocers ( healthy food ). You sneer at wealth.

People living on the Harringay Ladder would also like to live in an area with less traffic and pollution and they're celebrating the opening of a juice bar that also sells organic vegetables. Does that make them luvvies too ?

But levelling down to the lowest  common denominator went out with the death of Chernenko except in the minds of bitter, envious left-wingers.

Talk about generalizing people. I'm not left wing and I am not envious. Organic supplies are healthy. Where is the evidence to support that claim? One thing I've noticed about the urban rich apart from their elitism is their sense of pretension. Most buy from the local organic shop so they can have something to talk to their friends about over a glass or two of bubbly and justify their "alternate" lifestyle. Keeping up with the Joneses is a pursuit of the wealthy. Lower middle class and working class are far too busy trying to get by to indulge in such vapid and pointless pursuits. This is the reality, when it takes me twice as long to get about locally because the traffic is a mess. When it takes an ambulance or a firetruck extra minutes to navigate through the area I'll be happy and content in the knowledge that the people of CE are able to cycle & walk to and from Waitrose or the organic vegetable supplier in a pollution free environment whilst the rest of us surfs have to put up with it! 

You seem blinkered by your preconceptions. You probably don't even see the irony in your accusing others of generalisation.

I don't have a particular axe to grind here. But in fairness to Alan, he is not talking about "levelling down to the lowest  common denominator", he is talking about the rest of us suffering while others level up. I think he has a point

Thank you, that is exactly my point.

Where did this came from? Please can you post a link. 

It came from a Council press release sent by email. So, no link. 

I can find no reference to this elsewhere. Who exactly at the "council", please? 

Not that I'm suggesting it's at all unlikely. TfL are up covid creek without a vaccination like the rest of us, and not two ha'pence to rub together, I imagine most of their projects are on hold.



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