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Yes but Barnet was on four 2 days ago.

Noticed that earlier. Too much crack in the air for the virus to get a toehold?

Now there's 1 case

And still zero hand sanitizers - no shop has any in stock

Just getting back to HOL after a fortnight away. Reassured to find our little world as introverted as ever. Try to look on the bright side. When your supermarket shelves are out of bread and pasta and the butchers are clean out of meat, there won't be any run on toilet rolls or Andrex washlets and hand sanitisers will be last month's story. 

Introvert? Moi? I guess the heading suggest that.. Nevertheless, I'm more worried about cases in Westminster and on the Victoria line, seeing as that's where I spend most of my time.

On a positive note, Med-chem are flogging 50ml hand sanitisers for £4.99 each. Nice to see an ex Labour Party Councillor milking capitalism like it's a money udder... 

I work in Westminster and commute between FP and Victoria on a packed Victoria Line. And no, I was not able to get those hand sanitisers that we are advised to be using anywhere. Neither am I able to keep the recommended 2 metre distance from people on crowded tube or in open plan office.

I know seriously, i just came back from lidl, and was shocked by the massive queue. I did congratulate the peeps with loads of toilet paper in their baskets. They didn't get my sarcasm. Whilst as usual, i stocked up on my essentials of alcohol and chocolate

But seriously< i don't get this hysteria, I never saw it mentioned about alcohol gel. i only heard to wash your hands. much more effective. yes a large proportion of us with come down with the flu, and yes for the majority of us it will be a nuisance, And don't see we can do much to avoid that eventually. But then thankfully i cycle to work. maybe that will encourage more people to get on their bikes

But yes for the frail, old patients, this is serious, and these are really the people public health are trying to protect with their measures. I'm telling them to huckle down for next few months, avoid public transport etc. And these really vulnerable people seem to be the most rational about it

the one thing I'm taking is echinacea to boost my immune system, eat and drink as healthily as possible again to boost your immune system. So if and when i come in contact with the virus, my body is stronger to shrug it off

And Did the health minster Nadine Dorries miss the message about washing her hands. I mean seriously you couldn't make it up. lol

Lots of us commute on public transport and it would be good to wipe/clean hands as soon as we get off - but gel is impossible to get so that is not an option.

While I am happy that you ride your bike (not everyone can) amd have strong immune system - not everyone is so lucky.

Not just "old and frail" - look at age of people around the world who were killed by this virus.

Some people have various health conditions making them more vulnerable, auto immune disorders etc etc.

It is not as simple as "get on your bike and wash your hands" I am afraid

It really is that simple. If you avoid close contact with others and wash your hands regularly with soap, you are less likely to catch the illness and pass it on to others, some of whom somewhere down the line will be killed or have their death hastened by it.

Coronavirus is not like flu - it’s far more contagious and much more likely to kill you, particularly if you are old and/or in poor health.

Without controls, somebody who catches it is likely to pass it on to 3 or 4 other people. The aim of the controls being gradually introduced is to get that number down to less than 1 (i.e. a decline in the number of new cases) before the health service ends up with more patients than resources and starts having to choose which of them gets lifesaving treatment.

It’s a team effort, everybody needs to do their bit.



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