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CPRE London wants to identify and support local volunteer groups who want to plant new hedgerows in parks, green spaces or other suitable locations to enhance landscapes, support wildlife, reduce air and noise pollution, and increase tranquillity.

They are looking for locations across London with supportive landowners/managers, established volunteer groups, possibly with a track record of similar landscape enhancements in recent years, and long term commitment to each plant between 10-25 metres of suitable hedgerow in the 2021/22 planting season. 

Financial support will be provided for materials, tools, planting stock and promotion. 

Expressions of interest are sought as soon as possible and no later than the end of September. 

Please contact Neil Sinden at neil@cprelondon.org.uk for more information.

via Haringey Friends of Parks FBpage

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Goodgym Haringey don't have any land but we can supply the volunteers

Hello Liz,

The Harringay Stadium Slopes that you wrote about on 19th August would have been a suitable spot possibly, but the area is now fenced off at one end (Surrey Gardens), and in the process of being fenced off on the Finsbury Park end.  

Oh no. Does this mean that the public and your Friends group no longer have access? 

We won't have access when the work is finished. 

And presumably given the owners they won’t negotiate. That’s really sad as that site is a gem and I fear what might be done to it behind high fences. 



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