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Have meant to ask this before but been reminded today. The attached photos are of a rectangular brick built tower behind M&A Motors on Wightman Road  (junction of Effingham Road) It shows clearly on Google Maps , Any thoughts HOLers ??

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Click the tag I've added under your post. That should keep you going. But, in short, I think it's most likely to be for venting and access to the now culverted Stonebridge Brook. 


Thanks for that info, remarkable that there seems no definite answer, as yet. I will trawl through the previous posts, thanks again


Well, I think the answer is pretty definite, but lacking in authoritative references!

I have always wondered about this structure, too. 

Google aerial shows they are open flues at the top. Must say in umpteen years of riding and walking along Wightman Road I never spotted them. Even used the garage in later years!

That's right. I added a screenshot of that here, along with a picture of the tower in 1885 before it was built higher.



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