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Following recent developments at Antepliler, Selale and Gokyuzu, and five years after expanding into the laundry on the corner of Rutland Gardens, Turkish restaurant Diyarbakir last week submitted a planning application to extend their premises further by taking over the apparently soon-to-be former Poziomka grocery store premises.

Read the planning application here.

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That's a shame. I liked Poziomka.

What's the vision for GL? Is the end goal to be able to come up from Manor House tube straight into a kebab house and then waddle out the back door with hardened arteries at TPL tube?

I loved Poziomka also. What a shame. Diyarbakir is actually my go-to Turkish, but the proliferation of what’s effectively dining monoculture in Green Lanes is reaching absurd levels. Did anyone take note of the new value proposition of what used to be Opera - quite similar to Izmir (formerly Tramp.) I know the council can’t refuse permission on these grounds but tripling Diyarbakir obviously contravenes same regs that got Sira in trouble. So I’ll object on that basis.

On a semi-related note: how are places like Izmir and Mezzo viable? Every time I walk by there’s no more than 1-2 tables of diners. Mezzo must have spent 100s of Ks in refurbishment costs, on top of goodness knows how much rent and staff costs. Its either running on Elon Musk levels of optimism or it’s a money laundering front. 

It’s all very suspicious and I wonder whether it merits close inspection by the tax authorities...

I do wonder whether those restaurants that promote Shisha - like Mezzo, Rakkas & the one right next to Green Lanes station - realise that some diners are put off by the smell & smoke. This is a particular issue with Rakkas, but also means that the outdoor Mezzo area at the back isn't really usable, making it quite a dark space.
Oh no - is that the Polish shop that's going? I regularly buy Kefir there at almost half the price it is in Sainsbury's. Is this a post-Brexit decision?
A Brexit decision?
It could be more easily argued to be an inability to join the EU decision. With Erdogan crippling Turkey's economy and democratic status, they wont be joining the EU any time soon. But the funds being repatriated to Kurdish groups are needed now more than ever. Further expansion of Kurdish businesses here makes complete sense.

I think the comment was referring to the closure of the Polish shop. I think you’re giving Green Lanes too much credit if you believe to be some sort of Kurdish safe haven for assets... 

Ah yeah... I got that. The closure of small convenience store on an increasingly expensive High Street is hardly something out of the ordinary. For Brexit to be suggested as a reason is a real stretch. Brexit isn't raising rents and business rates. As for the Kurdish angle it's at least grounded in fact. I did not suggest GL was a 'safe haven for assets' . What I did suggest was that it has for many years been a source of funds for domestic campaigns in Turkey.

It's not a stretch for Brexit to be suggested as a reason if the people who run it and the people who are the primary target market are all EU nationals who face uncertainty about their future in the UK and/or no longer feel welcome here and might, therefore, be considering moving back home or elsewhere within the EU.

I agree, sadly. 

This is what happened to New Zealanders in 1971. Then in 1973 when Britain joined the common market they stopped importing goods from NZ as well. Britain was 50% of New Zealand's export market at the time. It is no coincidence that the mysterious money behind the Brexit campaigns seems to come from a bitter New Zealand billionaire who specialises in extracting value from distressed assets.

Were this theory backed by actual migration statistics, it might be a little more easy to accommodate. But it doesn't appear to be.

Net inflows "...remain broadly stable since peak levels seen in 2015 and 2016", according to the ONS. There has been some decline in net migration from the EU15 nations (those which were members of the EU pre-2004), but the flows are still positive.

On an absolute basis, there was net migration of EU citizens to the UK of 88,000 in the year ending March 2018.

I'd like to think that if the whole Brexit mess has taught us anything, it's that data and verifiable facts matter. Emotional and unfounded arguments on both sides are the reason we are where we are.

I agree that statistics are useful, but they apply on a general level, not to specific individuals - if the individuals who are running/ran Poziomka feel like they are no longer welcome or that their future here is uncertain, they may go home. Just because generally more EU nationals are arriving than leaving doesn't mean that this specific group won't leave because of Brexit.

And if they happen to be reading this - please don't feel like you're not welcome - the comments on this thread show how loved your shop is and I for one recognise the contribution that everyone makes to our wonderfully cosmopolitan neighbourhood.



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