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Sounds like you need to chillax a bit and open your heart. Dogs enhance pubs and make them a more relaxing and tolerant place

The world (& most eateries) would be a better place if there were less people, more dogs.

No problem, as long as they're not threatening ... same goes for peeps

There was a dog in my gym today....

My friend brings her dog to church. 

To be honest, I’m more irritated by the takeover of Green Lanes cafes by families that seem to consider the venue their own playground; kids running around, screaming and making a mess while the rest of us are supposed to look on indulgently. It’s nice that people take their kids out, I just wish they would respect the rest of our space! 

Totally agree. Ban children I say :)

Hear hear Sara! I like having dogs around as long as they are well-behaved. But I often I find my eating out experience spoilt by children whose parents don't seem to consider that other people might not find their screaming and running around quite as charming as they do. 

I think perhaps you are being a bit sensitive here. Personally I love seeing dogs in places as long as they're not barking or snapping at people - same applies with kids :D .

When my sister is in a cafe and a dog walks in she will panic and need to leave; a dog moving towards her off the lead will lead to tears of terror. Other people may find it 'relaxing' however I would like dog owners and dog lovers to understand and respect the fact that there are many others who find the presence of dogs extremely difficult and saying 'it won't hurt you'  as it tries to jump up just does not help one bit. Let me know which 'eateries' allow dogs in and we will avoid them.

I do emphasize. Phobias are hugely dibiltating both for those who suffer from them & their family & friends who are also affected & have to adapt their behaviour as a consequence Like your my sister had a phobia, which impacted where the rest of the family could visit. She had a phobia of flying. We'd all have to make plans around her needs, which were often more costly & timely. Her inlaws live in France so the situation arose several times a year. In the end she went on the Alan Carr course, which included some hypnosis & she's not bothered about getting on a plane anymore. She totally recommends the course. 

A phobia is generally thought as being an 'irrational fear' but if you have been bitten a few times and have a small scar on your face which is visible after seventy years then perhaps its not so irrational after all.



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