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I'm looking for an ergo baby carrier if  anyone  has one for sale or give away.....

Thank you

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I do - in burgundy.  Obviously used.  How about it at £30?  

Thank you for getting back to me! Do you have any pic of the carrier and which model is it?

I live on the ladder, how about you?


I am work at the mo, but I can post the photos when I get back?  I will read the fine print about the model etc.

That would be great!

Thank you

Hello Kotoko,

Could you send me the details / pics about the  ergo carrier you have mentioned please? I'm interested on your offer.

Thank you very much

I am sorry Caro, things have been rather hectic, I will make sure to put the photos this weekend, if not tonight!

Hi, Caro, here are the photos I have promised. I am not sure what types they are though.

I will send you my contact detail via private connection.

Hi thank you very much for the pics! yes please do get in touch via private connection, I prefer that also and  then we can arrange meeting. I did send my contact number on the previous message.


Hi Caro, if you're still looking I have a navy blue Baby Bjorn...

Hi Thank you very much  for your offer but I'm looking for an ergo carrier style. Cheers

Sent you the private connection thingy, did you receive it?

just replied you privately.



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