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A family of stray cats are in a garden on Allison Road (Green Lanes end). I have counted a small black mother cat who seems thin and in poor condition plus 4 kittens who follow her around (see pic). I'd guess they are 5 or 6 weeks old. There are 3 black ones and a grey/white one. This garden has a history of stray kittens which has not been addressed and I suspect these are descendants of other strays.

I have 2 rescue cats of my own so can't home these but feel the following needs to happen:

- all of these cats to be spayed

- the mother's health to be addressed. 

- the kittens to be homed ASAP if possible

Does anyone know anything about these animals or own them? if not I'll try and arrange for them to be spayed. Is anyone looking for kittens? I understand if they are homed when young enough they should become good pets...but not if it's left too late and they grow up unfamiliar with people. I'd need help to catch them - I think the charities have cages to trap them with food.

I'm not sure if the mother cat can be helped much - I think the shelters are full and the RSPCA prefer to leave strays where they are unless in distress. However if someone on Allison Road can agree to feed her in the garden maybe that might help - I don't live on the road myself but have access whilst the tenants are away.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give!

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The RSPCA can help with traps, and I imagine other cat rescue charities can as well eg Cats Protection at Archway: http://www.northlondon.cats.org.uk/.

there's also the wonderfully named SNIP   http://www.animalsaver.co.uk/animal-rescue-centre-details/r/68/cmd/...

(society for the neutering islingtons pussies)

I think Celia Hammond animal sanctuary specialises in strays and ferals. They can trap them and get them neutered/rehomed 

They are in Canning Town but cover quite a wide area.

If you catch the kittens now they can become good pets, or comparion animals as the right-ons prefer.  Much later and they can only be neutered and released. The mother cat can never be tamed now. However*

When I lived in Islington we had one very prolific feral cat who produced many litters. I got one of SNIP's catch cages and spent many many hours in the garden with a string in one hand with the cage door at the other end. It took a year but I caught the queen cat, and no fisherman ever felt so triumphant as I did seeing her furiously spinning round in that cage - those claws were big. She was in a very sorry state and I probably saved her life, and put a stop to the endless litters most of which died.

* My heart cat, Next, was from one of those litters. I had caught her and released her as a young one, but at about 6 months she turned up with an injured eye. I ended up having to keep her in to treat it, which meant six times a day, donning thick gloves and putting drops in the eye of a hissing spitting monster. When the time came to let her go, she decided she preferred indoor life, and eventually, yes she would sit on my lap and allow herself to be touched. 16 years later...   But this is unusual, and a product of extreme patience.

If you see cats around with the tip of an ear missing, it's a feral cat that has been neutered, so the dotty cat ladies like me know they don't need to be caught again (they can't tell with females whether this has been done already).

Or this local-ish organisation rehomes strays etc. http://www.animalaidandadvice.org/ 

One of the main contacts, Marilyn - 07533268649 lives (or used to) on the ladder.

Well done Sophie for looking out for these poor little animals! You're right, the kittens and mother need to be caught and spayed and rehomed as soon as possible. Mother cat may just be a stray or lost cat so hopefully can be rehomed. Feral cats are only released back if someone undertakes to feed them every day long term. Feral cats can be taken in at rescue centres and given long term homes.

I recommend www.scratchingpost.co.uk Helpine 01992 626110 or www.themayhew.org or www.caring-for-animals.org There is also www.foalfarm.org.uk in Kent who never turn away an animal in need.

Well done for trying to deal with this. It would be great if everyone helped to deal with stray cats like you and also neuter and chip their own pets. Sorry I can't offer a home as I have 6 rescue cats. Best wishes


I have some kitten pens which I have used to keep stray kittens and their mums before until they are big enough to find a home. I don't mind providing a home for these kitties including their mum until they can go to new homes (kittens need to be about 12 weeks).

I can collect the kittens today and look after them until they can be rehomed? where are they? I have a car and can come soon.

I will make sure they get the necessary checks and jabs etc. I am friends with Celia Hammond animal trust so will take them to her to be checked.

Thanks so much for your help Sally. I'm free today until 6.30pm and tomorrow daytime except 1.30-3pm, or anytime Weds. Let me know when is best and I'll meet you at the property. I'll send you my phone number via private message so look out to approve my connection.


You're brilliant Sally! Good to have people like you and Sophie in the neighbourhood.

Hello Sophie I would be very happy to take a kitten. I have a ginger tom so would prefer a female. 

Thanks Pat that's great news! I'm guessing it may be about 4-5 weeks before they are ready...and we haven't yet caught them! is it ok if I keep you updated as things progress? thanks again

Yes please do



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