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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The house opposite me is currently being converted into flats. They seem to be doing a good job and as of this morning I have a nicely painted front door to look at. They've disgraced themselves this afternoon though.

Yes, reported via the Haringey website (they can see the videos on their iphones, I've done this before) and the flash new Lewisham app that Hugh told us about last week.

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And I've posted the URL of the movie on the front door.

Door of 35 Lausanne Rd
Absolute ratbags, and they seemed so nice too.

JohnMc* Bloomin well done for taking the trouble over this outrageous act of flytipping. What's even more galling is the fact that they assume that you are as bad as them in that you probably don't give a damn !

Have you complained to planning enforcement about this conversion?
I have complained. Not that keen to follow through. As I said, they're doing a good job and it could be better than the HMO that was there before.

Great piece of work, John.

Can I suggest that you speak to Enforcement tomorrow: to make sure they got your video; and to ask what response they propose to take? I'd be disappointed if the only thing happening is that the builders are - in effect - rewarded by having their dumping cleared for free by Haringey Enterprise.

Even if a prosecution is not possible, Enforcement can give them a warning.

And it's important that less responsible builders, developers and estate agents get the message that things are changing. What they do is not just seen and heard - but may be recorded. Residents have cameras and access to free social media; it's street level citizens' OCTV.

Another possible outcome is that those senior Haringey officers and councillors with obsolete attitudes to social media may begin to grasp how it can be used to work with residents and not just for communiqués to them.

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)


My neighbour tells me that the builders paid some boys to take it away...

Nice work, John.

I trust they gave the boys a nice fly-tip for their bother?

The law states that the builders must produce an audit trail of how they got rid of their waste. They need to be able to show the council's Street Enforcement officers that they have Waste Transfer Notes (WTNs) or they can be fined. When the builders say to the officer, 'not my waste gov' that's when you produce your evidence and the officers match the waste to the site (eg. wooden bench top). I suggest you take the url note off the door otherwise the builders will simply have the waste from the bin removed on Monday morning and dumped elsewhere.


You'll need the will John to carry this further. The video is the easy bit I'm afraid. Btw did your video show the house number the builders are working at as well as the street sign by the passage, in one continuous video stream?

The boss builder was back this morning and he's take the note away to look at online I guess.

I shot two videos and stuck them together with iMovie.


I understand that I'll need the will to carry this further but I shouldn't, should I?

Has he done anything with the rubbish yet? Maybe he doesn't know what has been done with it (but that's no excuse in the eyes of Enforcement). He may have it removed after watching your video, if he bothers. Wait and see before you decide your next move I'd suggest.

It's still there this morning.
Good on you John. We walked (inched) past that bin in the passage earlier this afternoon and I wondered where it came from. I won't take a rocket scientist to link it back to the specific house, what with the work surface sticking out the bin. Let us know how you get on if you do pursue it...



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