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Food and people in need gladly received at the Gospel Centre food bank

Many thanks for your past donations

The Food bank @ The Gospel Centre is open now (in operation since 2011) for your donations and client referrals*

Please visit The Gospel Centre Corner of Raleigh Road / Wightman Road N8 OLT on Tuesdays 6.30-8.30pm or Sundays 11.30-1pm


 Non perishable - Tomatoes, Cereals, Soup, Rice, Meat, Biscuits, Vegetables, Fish, Pasta Sauce,

 Long Life Milk, Desserts and Toiletries needed

 *Client referrals, especially from N8, N4 and N22, are best done through a written recommendation from an organisation giving details of the person, address and a little of their need and of their family, if food is required for them too e.g. Number of adults and ages of children.   February 2020

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Does the items donated have to be in whole boxes etc. For example I have porridge sachets, I have women’s toiletries but items that are sealed but not as a whole sealed box if you see what I mean. I most likely have snack items like bars etc not sure if any of these things would be any good.


No they do not need to be in whole boxes. So long as the have their usual sealed wrapping around, that will be fine. As a further guide we would gladly receive the mentioned items, though we do not need the equivalent of a couple of boxes of one item. Thanks. 

Do you need volunteers?



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