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This pic taken, where Graham Road meets Langham Place, by Matthew Maran, made today's Guardian

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and I just saw he is up for an award in the Natural History  Museum Photographer of the  year . You can vote until Feb 2019 http://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit/wpy/community/peoples-choice/2018/11/fox...

As they say , other photographs are available ..

thanks gbee! just added me vote.

Thanks for the link! I’ve voted too. What a great great photo!! 

One of the 2 that usually only come when it gets dark - for dinner.

My cats ignore them, one even plays with them in the garden.

Photo taken through the window and zoomed so not great quality - apologies

Looks very healthy, that's one bushy tail - just learned that the urban fox has only an 18 month life expectancy due to accidents with cars...

There is 2 of them coming, I have a feeling they are a couple ie male and female. The first one sits in the garden and waits for me to put the food out then calls the other one and they eat together.

My cats and dog waste so much food - foxes have proper dinners as dog is on raw minces and cats get both tinned and dry food.

And yes I but extra for the foxes too....

My garden backs onto Parkland Walk so I hope "my foxes" do not stray onto the roads - I also read about that short life span of urban foxes :(

I visited the Natural History Museum over the New Year, they are selling prints of above, I bought one with the mounting ready for framing, for £25. There are various options on the NHM website: NHM

I hate foxes and don't fall for all the cutesy photos. They dig up my garden, shit all over it and destroy anything that has a human scent upon it.

Vagabonds :-)

Graham - we took over THEIR land, where are they supposed to go?

Humans destroy everything

Such a wonderful photo - and collaboration piece I guess!

I met this one on my run to work yesterday

She woke up, looked at me, then tucked her head back in and closed her eyes again.



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