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Hi there all

We have just moved into a property in Lausanne Road and were informed (before we moved in) that in the last couple of weeks there have been foxes coming into the property overnight.

I had not seen them until last night (midnight).  With all the lights off, I was watching the garden and saw at least 6 baby foxes and what looked to be 1 large parent (possibly mother fox).

They have been causing a right mess, knocking over all our pot plants, taken shoes and digging up our vegetable garden.  I have been very careful to not leave any food or rubbish outside but they still come into the yard.

I covered up all the holes in the fence however they are now coming over the top.  I tried the old chilli powder trick and that worked for a couple of days and now I am about to invest in one of these:


Has anyone else seen these foxes and worked out how to keep them out of the property?

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Claymores are pretty effective. There are usually a couple of guys selling them on Wood Green High Road on a Saturday afternoon. Just ask around.

Otherwise,a high powered water pistol usually does the trick (with less mess to clean up too).

As much as I would love to get a few claymores, I suspect I might get a few complaints :)

That scarecrow should do the trick I reckon! 

Hi Nanz - I was on here last year complaining about foxes. Opinion is divided! This year it seems much worse around us. In the last week I've had to chase them out of the kitchen three times. On one occasion the fox was on the worktop finishing off a bowl of cereal. They're in our garden at any time in the day, and cats are no longer seen in the area. (This actually has one benefit - lots more birds in the garden now!)

Anyway. We have tried putting up trellis, blocking holes etc but - they can jump very high, and also will just dig under the fence if you block holes. We use scoot (I think that's what it's called) and I have been putting coffee grounds down near the holes under the fence. Unfortunately nothing works! They're not scared of us at all, in fact will come into the garden when we're all there and don't retreat that far when chased.

The old lady next door to us is quite scared and intimidated by them, I can hear them causing trouble on the other side, and with two small children and a baby due in a few months I am quite concerned. But I have no idea what can be done.....  Well, I suppose the motion detector thing is next.

And - they tend to get more badly behaved as the summer progresses......

We're in Glenwood Rd, just round the corner from the Salisbury. We had them in the ladder too but nothing like this! I'm pretty worried about when the baby arrives. Hard to keep the door shut with two little boys in and out of the garden.....

I've seen adult foxes jumping straight over our back fence, which is about 8 feet high.

And while we're on the subject of infestations, I appear to have squirrels in my back roof space - I can hear them running around early in the morning.

*cough* have they replaced the bees?

Hi Gillian, we tend to only see them in the late evening, what street are you on?
Oops replied in wrong place!

We are in Lausanne Rd and have one (maybe more) living in the garden behind us. Try and clear as much as possible out of the garden and as like to play with things. Apparently they also don't like the smell of male wee so try some late night 'watering' of the garden. We tried this last year and it seemed to have some effect. Apart from that not much you can do. The ones near us are quite timid and we only ever see them at night time or early morning - saw one this morning about 8ish standing on next door's shed.

What the heck is a Claymore if its not a deadly anti personnel device please?

I believe he was joking Philip, they are a pain tho even if they are harmless. As we have a newborn we are constantly having to keep the yard door closed in fear that they might stroll into the house.

Usually foxes appear late evening and during the night. At this time of year, the fox cubs appear - this means there can be some upheaval in the garden, as the cubs tend to knock things over etc when they are playing. Don't worry, it's only temporary while the fox cubs are young. Adult foxes are everywhere in London, you can't really prevent them coming into your garden, but usually they are only around at night, not during the day.



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