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I have 9 courgette seedlings coming through, I wouldn't plant them out now but garden ready in say 2 weeks.  - I have all I need, but so many seeds in a packet no point not growing! 

If anyone wants let me know - Im on Burgoyne Rd.

I also have some other spare seeds in packets: Love lies bleeding ( Amaranthus ) and some  Nasturtiums....


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I'll take a seedling or two off you, if you still have spares.

mail me on highbury.hartley at gmail.com and I'll arrange to pop over and collect.  I'm on Fairfax, so just round the corner.

I'd love one if poss. I'll send you a connection request. 

Hi Rachael,

I would like to have a seedling or two please.

I sent you a connection request.



Hi, I would love a couple too please. I might be able to swap for a giant pumpkin or a squash both of which I have in a mini greenhouse and am hoping to plant this weekend. Will message you. 

I'd love one I've sent a connection request. thanks!


I would love one if possible, I'm on mattison

Cheers Dom



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