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Just before Christmas I searched this forum for a glazier, to replace one of two panes of glass in my bathroom door. I rang two of the companies recommended in threads, and was quoted £65-85 (PLUS VAT) 

As this was more than I'd hoped to pay, I did one last google search for 'glazier harringay' and up popped a HOL thread I hadn't seen before, recommending a guy called Dermot. (I think it hadn't come up before because the word 'glazier' wasn't in the title):


Anyway, I rang Dermot and he quoted me £60 (all in). In the end, he replaced both panes of glass - so that they matched - for no extra money. He's a lovely fella - quick, efficient, professional and friendly - who works for a glazing firm, and for himself in his spare time.

His number is: 07961 090219.

I've decided to create a new thread as some of the glazier recommendations in previous threads are now a bit old. 

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Glad we were able to help.

For the benefit of other members: If you look at our recommended tradespeople listing (see right hand column) that page is listed under glazier. We add tags to as many of the posts as we can to link them to the listings on that page (as we have done for this post too!)

We got Dermot round this morning after reading Louise and other's recommendations on here.  He put a new pane of glass in our 1st floor bedroom window and while he was there he also put new cord in our sash window. Lovely fellow, good rates. Prompt quick and professional. Cleaned up afterwards. Thoroughly recommend him.

Thank you to all for your recommendation. Very happy.

I also read recommendations for Dermot on this site and want to echo what has been said above. He replaced three panes of galss in sash windows for me. He was very tidy and efficient, asked a very reasonable price and he unstuck one of the windows while he was here.

I called Dermot after reading the recommendations here and I would highly recommend him too. He replaced the double glazing in a PVC door and two windows and was very efficient and friendly, for a reasonable price too.

Booked Dermot off the back of these reviews and couldn't recommend him highly enough. He was quick, friendly, did a great job and at a much better price than any of the other quotes I got. Very pleased I used him.

Another strong recommendation. Quickly responded to my call, flexible time-wise, arrived promptly, good work at a reasonable price and a very nice bloke.

I also highly recommend Dermot! He came over yesterday and fixed my jammed top window in about 5 minutes. He was a really nice, honest man and super efficient and helpful :) Job done!

Another recommendation for Dermot.

I needed the glass in my door replacing after an attempted break in-last week. He replaced both panes with laminated glass for much less than a local firm had quoted to simply replace the single broken one like-for-like.



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