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Following the disruption faced by passengers by the introduction of the new timetable in Summer 2018, the Secretary of State for Transport announced that Govia Thameslink would contribute £15m towards a passenger benefit fund to be used to provide 'tangible improvements for passengers'.

The Secretary of State appointed three MPs to oversee the programme. Those MPs recommended that decisions on how the fund is spent should be made at a local a level as possible. Consequently, a given amount has been allocated to each station depending on how badly the station was affected.

As a result, hey are now working with passenger groups, councils, MPs, local stakeholder and passengers to determine what passenger benefit schemes their fine will fund.

Hornsey and Harringay are both classified as Tier 1 stations (those worst affected) and so each are due to receive £80,000.

They have provided a list of possible passenger benefit schemes. They underline that these  schemes are suggestions only.

  • Fit solar panels to the station
  • Adding a 'living plant wall'/bee garden or other environmental options
  • Improvements to the station toilets. Additional customer seating
  • Additional waiting shelters
  • Canopies over ticket vending machines
  • Additional ticket vending machines
  • Additional cycle parking facilities
  • Increasing cycle security measures at stations
  • Additional customer information screens

Ideas can be contributed ideas at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PassengerBenefitFund

There is a submissions closing date of 31 July.

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Can we get them to fix the bridge, and possibly look at a different approach to that really steep exit out into Wightman??? Is that the sort of thing they will fund? Not sure how much change you will get from £80k

No idea, but they provide contact info for any questions - passengerbenefit@gtrailway.com

I was looking at this earlier - the land adjacent to the bridge is unused, so you could turn the steep ramp into steps and build a switchback ramp alongside. The rise isn’t that big so it’d be no steeper than the ramps at, say Harringay GL. I fancy you could fit that into the width of the overgrown land.

But again you probably need a new bridge deck for that, too...

I’m all for additional customer seating in the station toilets.

You looking for a golden throne like Trump Michael? 

A tad chilly on the buttocks but bigly enjoyable at the same time.

Station toilets? Where are these hidden at Hornsey or Harringay? Or do you mean a surreptitious visit to waste ground near Harringay station, or the New River path near Hornsey station? 

For 80K I don’t think so, but perhaps some improvements to the surface of the bridge might be possible.

I thought I’d read - and it may have been on HOL - that some work was being considered to Harringay to fix the weakness and potentially put a new station building on.

In any case I’ve used my vote to encourage better accommodation on the down platform and implied that with KX remodelling causing long blockades, they’d have a great opportunity to totally fix the station up.

But I’ve never seen an airborne pig down Green Lanes either.

Surely it's lifts we need for Hornsey Station? Is completely inaccessible for anyone with a pram, bike, wheelchair, dodgy legs etc. 

Agree.  It’s a nightmare.  You first haul yourself up the steps and down to platform level.

I'd never noticed the signs on the steps warning of danger until recently. I'd never even considered it......until recently. Then you look again.



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