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Haringey Heartlands & the Moselle Brook - Councillors discover a river runs through it.

The Council Planning Committee met last night to decide on the Haringey Heartlands application.

The developer (very clearly supported by Haringey Planning officers throughout) argued the river was too polluted to ‘daylight’ now but proposed that the river could be de-culverted at some point in the future when quality was satisfactory, subject to the support of 75% of the then residents. 

The objectors argued that the proposed building footprint, along with the resident veto, would effectively lead to the river remaining  in a culvert, in perpetuity, irrespective of water quality. Over 70 objections to the Heartlands planning application supported de-culverting  and several objectors made oral representations. Thanks to all who submitted.

When it became clear Councillors were minded to make conditions before agreeing the application, the developer agreed to drop the resident veto and to undertake annual testing from the date of commencement (April 2018). This would trigger an obligation to daylight when quality is deemed 'satisfactory'. The Council, local residents, and the developer will agree what standard quality will be measured against. The developer, (again supported by Haringey Planning), had been using EU bathing standards. Objectors used Thames Water river standards that allows for ‘daylighting’ now.

While there remains much to be done, hopefully the daylighting of the Moselle in the Heartlands will happen in the near future.

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Congratulations. I think you neglected to tell the developers that we're leaving the EU and can have our rivers at English standards, thank you very much.

May I remind you of what developers think of conditions put on them by councillors, here.

Well done to the campaigners.

In regard to pollution of the Moselle; please report any suspected domestic foul water misconnections to the council's environmental health department. 

The quicker these are eliminated, the faster a decision will be made to daylight.

Yes,well done to the protesters. The daylighted Moselle at Lordship Rec is gradually getting cleaner, Thames water claim to have found nearly 500 misconnections that have, or are, being dealt with. So it's not an impossible problem to deal with.



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