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Haringey scores again ... bucking downward trend on London drug dealing

BBC article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48343369

The London Borough of Haringey shows a 'strong' increase in drug dealing, according to the above article. The increase is less than 100 recorded drug related crimes compared to 2013 but it is categorized as a 'strong' increase. We all know most dealing etc goes under the radar (unrecorded).

Haringey joins Newham and Kensington & Chelsea in an increase whilst other areas show a decrease. The article is broadly about drug dealing increasing outside of major cities to smaller communities, county lines as it's become known.

Why is Haringey bucking the downward trend? Maybe some county line operations are running out of this borough ...

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Cos theres no police around. No problem BoJo will sort this particular problem out. 

Lammy promised to sort this out 2 years ago but no action.

The Tories and Theresa May cut the police numbers.. Not Lammy. Trying to push the blame on him is par for the course. Isn't it?

Lammy (i am not a fan) unfortunately is NOT in a position to do anything about crime.

Tory cuts. Less police. Less spending on social services in a cash strapped borough. Years of ineptitude andwarped policies by past Haringey leadership when their idea of 'regeneration' was all about property development and not human development and social resiliency.

What can he really do? He’s an MP that isn’t in government. He has no real authority (sadly)

Maybe Lammy shouldn't "promise" what he can't deliver

He doesn't deliver anything. 

My son is off to Finsbury Park skate park early morn with his mate. Why so early I asked. To avoid the drug dealers who are asking if they want to buy. He's 15. The dealers start arriving from 10am. I ask ... what are the police doing? This is not the London anyone wants.

I wonder how many people actually report drug dealing. The police can't be everywhere so they need help from residents to build a picture of who is doing what, where and when. Then they can act effectively.

Oh that's been done a zillion times re the passage Osbawn, including chats about it face to face with our local SNT. The answer is always ...oh but the deals are over so quickly, it's difficult to catch them in the act. The only effective action I'm aware of was an undercover op last year when things were silly re dealing. That moved things on for a while. There has to be concerted action as a matter of policy and resources. Think zero tolereance NYC. Or .... think the other way, if society wants it ... decriminalize and have legit taxable business as in other US states now. The in between isn't the answer ... that's the shadowlands

Every morning for the past few days there has been a huge amount of those silver bullet drug things dumped in the gutter by Turnpike Lane / Ducketts Common. Seems really odd that so many people should choose to take that drug right there?

Yes noticed that as well. Go to a festival these days and you end up skating on them there's so many under foot by end of the day.



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