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I couldn't find anything on HoL mentioning the review of ward boundaries by the Local Government Boundary Commission. A link to the consultation is here which runs until 4th February.

Also, the Commons Library are mapping out names of neighbourhood areas (called MSOA's - Middle-Layer Super Output Area), you can make suggestions here.

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Thanks for this, Nick.


There is an analysis of both these topics on the Crouch End neighbourhood forum website

Results now published - I've added a post here.

The MSOA boundary across the Harringay Ladder seems a bit random, I wonder if it has any rationale?

map url https://visual.parliament.uk/msoanames/map?long=-0.105259&lat=51.581770&zoom=12.5

No idea how the OA boundaries are decided. Can you share the url of the map please. It might be useful.

Map url just added to my original post

Thanks Joe. It's all grist to the mill. 

Thank you again for flagging this up, Nick. I'm sure it helped it getting the proposals (probably) overturned.



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