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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Thanks to Annie Hall for the before and after picture of Harringay Bridge this week.

It can now better hold its own with the other bridges on the Goblin Line.

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Looks better but its a shame they couldn't repaint the whole bridge and get rid of the rust along the bottom edge.

Good point, Karen. Small steps, but I'm interested to pursue your thinking and see what can be done further. Be lovely to have the bridge looking in an improved state all-round.

 Doesn't the sign refer to the station? Not the area or lanes.

and I quite liked the community art!

How about something like this...

LOL Like it 

How long before The illiterates are back with their mindless tags?

I’m wondering how people actually got up there to scribble on it before, unless they just climbed down from the railway track 

There's hills up the left and right hand sides, probably one of the bridges with the easiest access to visibility ratios in the city.

And not at all difficult to access from the western end of Harringay GL station platforms.



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