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Earlier this afternon a water main burst on Green Lanes as a result of some road works, I understand outisde Yasir Halim. The flood was at its worst between Hewitt and Beresford Roads, where cyclists were forced to dismount and a steady stream of motor cyclists tramped up Allison road after their vehicles' engines were flooded.

A local store owner told me "When it first happened the water came gushing down the street like a tsunami. We didn't know what was happening. We were all a bit scared".

Local Restaurant Selale were forced to close as they battled with waves of water flooding through the door as traffic passed by.

An hour earlier, on my way out (and before I had my camera) the road was sea of rubbish as the mauve rubbish bags put out for the evening collection were carried along the torrent towards Wood Green.

Locals at the scene recalled that simillar scenes were a regular occurrence over fifty years ago. Upgrading of the main sewer had resolved the problem, until today.

Cyclists forced to dismount through the worst of it

A motor cyclist braves the deepest patch at the bottom of Allison Road

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What a mess!, there's a stark difference between a sewer burst and a water main, mainly the smell, suggest incompetence and lack of supervision at the said roadworks. Best get a company name off the roadworks signeage ASAP and make sure Thames Water are aware of who damaged it. 

Thanks for reporting from the scene. I expect to see you in waders waste deep on the 10 o' clock news. In other news Harringay Baptist Church successfully tested its Ark.

I guess " waste deep " is particularly appropriate :-)

Just around the corner, 78 years ago...

....and more!

It was not road works. The sign at the weekend said it was works to the water main to IMPROVE water services!!!! Who on earth did Thames water contract this work out to? Specialists in tunnelling their van said!!!

This is the exact location where it used to flood in the old days.. It must lay slightly lower there, where the Stonebridge Brook passes under.

Yes Steve, excatly where the river is culverted.

Does anyone know if it's cleared up today and the road open?

Yes they cleared it up last night by about 9ish all sorted now

Thanks Sophie



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