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Hello to the wonderful Zhous: Daily Fresh seafood & all the ingredients to cook up a Chinese feast

I popped in to the South & North Chinese Food store on Whymark Avenue just north of Turnpike Lane tube not long after it opened 4 or 5 months ago. Every time I've been since I've been impressed at the freshness of the seafood and the great range of chinese food they stock.

It's run by the Zhou family from Fujian.  Mr Zhou, Yuan, goes down to Billingsgate market every morning and so stocks wrigglingly fresh razor clams, impressively squirming crabs and a nice looking selection of seafood beyond those show stoppers, as you can see in this 40 second video:



From left to right: Jiamin, Zhiwei, Li and Yuan


Jiamin waving goodbye to a customer


In general the store is clean and fresh


The lovely fresh prawns I missed off the video


This fledgling business deserves our support, so do pop along. They're open till 21.30 every day of the week. (Tel: 020 8888 6257 but see next para before you call).  Oh, a final tip from me - Mrs Zhou very kindly gave us each a cold bottle of Aloe Vera King - a Taiwanese drink and probably about the most refreshing drink I've had in a long while.

The Zhous are still pretty new to the UK and whilst you'll get a warm welcome, they're still learning English so don't expect chapter and verse from them on their products. (I went along armed with a Mandarin speaker so I could write up this piece).


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Great vid!  I love this shop and the seafood is great there - the store is well-stocked and the staff are helpful & friendly.  Freezer section is great too. 

By way of an open response to an email from 'Steve', no this isn't advertorial content. I just like the shop. it needs our business and it deserves to survive.

I went to the shop yesterday and bought razor clams and Dim sum - yummee. A great find.

Delighted to see that Richard at Bowes and Bounds Connected has picked up this story and is spreading the word up there.

Its a great place, I get stuff from there, the place over the road from the tube and the market stall in shopping city a lot they all have slightly different ranges

This fantastic news! I have been a couple of times but hadn't noticed the fish. I'l be returning shortly as we are in need of a good fishmongers in the area.



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