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im looking for anyone who used to train greyhounds in Hook lane, northaw or know anyone who did. I’m interested in the history from 1970s onwards. 

Also I am looking for a man a couple of years ago gave me a video of Hook lane from the 1980s and told me his daughter was born in my house in Hook lane.  I want to speak to you about the history of the lane. 

Please get in touch.


sandra  moseley 

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Hi Sandra,  I was born at the kennels in 1947, my dad was a kennel boy, then Head Lad, and then a trainer in his own right in 1952 until 1982 when he was retired.  Which number do you live at.  The houses as you come on to the lane, the first one was the vet's house, then mainly the rest were trainers houses.  I can give you names of trainers but many of them are no longer with us, there are ones who took over from the old generation but I have no idea where they are now. 

Caroline Pickering (now Jackson)

Hi Caroline. I live at number 3 Hook lane.  Do you remember the demolistion of cottages?  What year did that take place in? Also the out buildings opposite the cottages? I’m trying to find someone who can tell me what year this took place.  Thank you for replying. 

Where were you born? 

Hi Sandra   I was born in hospital and raised at the kennels we lived above one of the kennels which are no longer there, but I believe where the two houses are before you get to the block of houses (which incidently were the, on the left the cook house for the dogs food and the boiler house at far end, and the big block was living quarters for the girls and boys and then the lower house was the staff kitchen, restaurant, lounge and bar and then offices and vets. We had our own vet there.  Now by the cottages if you mean the one down Hook Lane which goes up to the village, there was three which I believe originally were the work house and then became houses for the married kennel staff. There was another a bungalow which was for the person in charge of the hospital for the sick dogs.  Which I believe is now just a Bungalow.  I am not sure which they were knocked down but it would have been after 1984 when the kennels closed.  If you go on the internet and put GRA Hook Kennels Northaw in it will bring up the site layout.  My father worked there from1932 to 1982 exceot for World War 11  If you want more inform I will try to help.


You mention outbuildings opposite the cottages, I do not remember any outbuildings opposite the cottages on the lane, unless they were there before my time.  During the war the kennels were requisitioned  by the army for training their own dogs.

Hi Caroline. Thank you for getting in touch. I mean the work houses. What year were they demolished? I have a photo from a historian who says they were derelict in 1980s. The owners of the land are claiming that these 3 cottages known as work houses were demolished in 1975. They want to build on the land opposite cottages 4,5,6 & 7 staying they have planning permission because they demolished work house in 1975. We don’t think this is true. Can you help? I can message you my mobile number if easier.  Many thanks 



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