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I have had a horrendous time with Hornsey Park Surgery on Turnpike Lane this week. We have been registered there for years as they do repeat prescriptions with Avenue Pharmacy on Turnpike Lane which is owned by a lovely woman. I am making a formal complaint to the surgery, but am not hopeful they will respond. I am interested to find out whether anyone else uses this surgery and their experiences and whether anyone else can recommend a good surgery at the North end of the Ladder. We need to have a reliable GP because of a chronic illness which luckily is managed by a fabulous team at the Whittington Hospital.

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I've moved from them but have gone to the Bridge on Umfreville so no good for you. Partly easier to get to for me but also because it was so difficult getting an appointment. I imagine being a medical receptionist is a very tough job but I found them very unhelpful and unwelcoming. 

If you want to slag off a local GP surgery you should at least state what the problem was that you experienced, just saying that you had "a horrendous time" isn't good enough.  Without this information your message has to be dismissed as being so much false news.  If you are not prepared to state what the problem was then why did you post your complaint?

If you want to complain about any NHS service see the website:


to Hugh,

Isn't it about time that people who contributed to this forum had to provide (and publish) their real full names.  I don't have any problems with giving mine, but why does HoL provide anonymity or partial anonymity?  When we had local papers - The Horney Journal, The Wood Green Advertiser etc. if one wanted a letter published one had to provide a verifiable name and address.  

The complaint (whatever it is) about the surgery could be really damaging to the GPs, but HoL just publishes a version apparently without any attempt to investigate the facts.  

Konrad, I am not going to share my son's medical history here but they messed up the prescription for medication he needs to stay alive, despite it being on repeat for years. No communication, no return of repeated calls from me or the hospital team so yes I am very upset and yes I am making a complaint to the surgery in the first instance. I simply wanted to know whether anyone else was experiencing problems and also whether anyone else had any recommendations because depending on how they handle the complaint we may have to move surgery. I am very sorry if I have offended you. I don't think I am ruining their business because they seem to be pretty booked up and why should doctors be protected more than other businesses? With respect to names there is no-one with my name in this area so I would not feel secure sharing it. People don't do that on twitter, instagram, etc.

You can safely ignore his post Charlotte. You have nothing to apologise for.

Are you in the catchment for West Green Surgery? I have found them brilliant. 

Thank you Osbawn and thank you Charlotte. I think we might be too far away - the problem is the repeat prescriptions. We have had such a good relationship both with the previous owners and the current owner of Avenue Pharmacy.  I will give West Green a call and find out which pharmacies they work with for repeat prescriptions.

You can arrange for your repeat prescriptions to be sent to you by post. But you might be outside the catchment area for West Green. Wightman Road is only just inside, I think.

Is West Green surgery the one between West Green Primary and the Sainsbury's?? 


I first had Bridge House and there was a horrendous doctor there by the name of Dr Haas who I know has "retired".

I was with Hornsey Park surgery and they had a doctor who failed to pick up on my osteoarthritis of the left knee and also my sciatica that surgery for me was absolutely disgusting. 

I was also with West Green surgery and I found them very unsympathetic when I became seriously ill. 

I am now with Queenswood Medical practice and they are fantastic they are on the first floor of the building with the pharmacy on the ground floor.

I am using my real name on Harringayonline. 



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