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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Checked Haringey web site does not give any Figures

Trying to see How many New Rate payers in recent years

As mentioned before aware that there are ever growing numbers of New Properties coming live in the Borough

Being a High Rated Area expect it must be bringing much needed funds

As with the Spurs complex now being completed and used

Wonder if there is extra payments being made to Cleansing Contractor to Collected and clear around. 

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You can find this in the annual budget. See page 18 of the example linked to below


Rather out of Date 2015-6. Does not give numbers of Tax Payer / Properties

As sure numbers paying Council Tax has increased in recent years.

Yes, I did say it was an example.  You can look at more recent ones if you wish.

Apologies, but can not find later ones online or on any search Engines

Issue there has and is many new Rate Payers adding to Council Coffers

While Services are being Cut


Scroll down a bit and you’ll find links to the last 10 year’s budget book

That’s not a nice response to someone who’s trying to be helpful, Bob. You get a second chance for free. 

Shouldn't this new poetic form be identified as the Summer Solstice Hol Ruggle? It seems to appear about once a year.



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