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If You Could Wish For One New Restaurant on Green Lanes What Would it Be?

Walking home this evening I saw some guys in Shamata. After chatting with them, I wondered if we could wish for one new restaurant on Green Lanes what would it be?

Now, for me If there was somewhere I could get arepa like the Venezuelan mom'n'pop place in Crystal Palace, that would be fine and dandy.

What about you?

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Yes - already apologiesd for that howler, Pav.

On the (unrealistic) assumption that the Vietnamese ever opens by the Salisbury, aside from SE Asian I would love to see a proper Italian restaurant, run by Italians (there are loads in the area these days).

I'm NOT talking about a pizza pasta place, but a restaurant, in the modern style with smaller sharing dishes, a la Bocca di Lupo, Salt Yard, etc. God I'd love that, but it would make me broke probably. I'd do their wine list of course ;-)

I would love to see a something Veggie perhaps a South Indian like Jai Krishna on Turnpike lane.

Or how about making it a rolling Street food venue. Each month a new Vendor comes in - Decks the place out and trades for a month then leaves. The council could sub the rates. Good For Jobs and the area in general.

I haven't had a chance to go yet but Tottenham Social iStreetfood Fridays in Markfield Road looks great

Juices! Like Joe the Juice or California in town.

And we need a decent chinese or korean. badly!

so many suggestions but nobody mentions English or French cuisine   I've travelled widely and enjoy food from many countries but I know several people from different places who look for good French and/or English food here

I think you mean this one.

(The most effective way to serach HoL is to use the site specific Google search - use the box at the bottom left of the home page.)

It's just a search box - like a mini Google but returning only HoL results, but on a standard Google page.

Ok if that Chinese is ok. What a  relief, long overdue,then maybe China city will realise their lively hood is suited  to better things and so then we get 2 new restaurants

if Vietnam doesn't open, the it's got to be a thai,Malaysia or yes another wonderful doroti

Otherwise Mexican, we are sadly lacking

Korean. Too much kimpchee/cabbage

A Thai restaurant would be welcome. Or a really good veggie place something like The Gate in Angel. I would even welcome a decent chain restaurant like Pizza Express, Wahaca, or Ping Pong

Hmmm maybe but it's all about demand and supply isn't it. If people don't like Costa and want to support their independent cafes they should just vote with their feet/money. And the same applies to the restaurants - if we had a decent Mexican, pizza parlour or dim sum place here then I wouldn't want a Wahaca, Pizza Express or Ping Pong!

Tapas. Like Camino.



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