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I have a cot to give away. I actually got it for free from someone on here so now I no longer need it it's only right to pass it on to a new home. I have dismantled it but it is very easy to assemble. There are 5 pieces as it can also turn into a bed if you remove one side. I have attached some photos.

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Hi Charlene,

We would love to give this cot its new home if it's still available. We live in N8 and can pick up this evening, Saturday morning or any time Sunday. My mobile number is 07731541952.

Hope to hear from you!



Hi Tanyeem,

Perfect, it's yours! Sunday morning will be great. I am going to send you a text with my address.


Excellent, what luck! I just realised I made a mistake with my mobile number above. It's actually 07731541953.

Will arrange Sunday AM timing over text.

Thanks so much Charlene.




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