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We had an online delivery booked for this evening but just had an email basically saying most of the things we wanted aren't available.

My wife was thinking of going to Sainsbury's on Green Lanes but my fear/worry is that literally everything has gone? Is that the case or do you just have to queue and be patient?

I'm just talking about basic things like vegetable burgers/washing liquid/ nappies that sort of thing nothing ridiculously precious like toilet roll.. we don't want to hoard just need some food to get by for the next week or two.

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I think it really depends on what time you get there. There seems never to be any meet other than baconso you might be in luck whan it comes to veggie burgers.

To be honest, the whole experience of going to sainsburys and seen so many empty aisles is so depressing, I'd avoid it. 

I would try the shops on green lanes. Or go to Holland and Barrett on wood green for veggie stuff.

What a weird time it is right now. 

I was there about an hour ago. They are doing their best, but a lot of stock is still depleted. No flour or eggs, for example.

If you just want some food to get by, you will easily get some. If you go along with a shopping list of very specific items you'll likely be disappointed. 

that sounds like sound advice- thanks

Morrisons had plenty of frozen veggie stuff, might be worth going before peak hour.

that's interesting, when did you go? 

between 12-1but no eggs, tinned goods or veg. 

We've just come back. I think they had a delivery when we were there because a few popular items were being stocked onto shelves, including kitchen and toilet paper. But pretty much no meat at all and very little fish. Fruit and veg okay but not too much stock. Cupboard items patchy.

yes my wife just got back with a pack of toilet paper and it felt like we had won the lottery... or maybe the lootery. (I'll get my coat) 

The new(ish) fishmongers on Green Lane near Homebase is worth visiting for both fresh and frozen seafood especially as I think supermarket fish counters are all shut now.

That's interesting. Is the fish good?

I've been there a few times and have no complaints, the young guy that runs it is really keen to help too.



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