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Can anyone tell me anything about this object?

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Hugh, where is this? Will ask HHS and get back to you. Most I have seen are shorter/wider but perhaps most is buried. Is it for sake somewhere?  Council very poor at protecting parish boundary markers. Looks real to me

It's been rescued from a building job and given to me - more about our heritage heroes anon.

I'd be grateful for anything you can find out.

There are plenty to be seen on flickr https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=Hornsey%20Parish%20Boundary%201887

It would good to know how the numbering system worked - then we might be able to find out it's original location and finally liberate it. :-)

Thanks Stephen. It's liberated. My job now is to find it a good home.

That’s a lovely thing Hugh. I don’t know where 1887 Hornsey Parish Boundary marker No 41 should have been, but marker No 435 is still in place on the north side of Newland Road N8, on the boundary with Alexandra Park, which is in Wood Green parish – see photo taken today.

Hugh - I've asked the churchwardens at Hornsey Parish Church if they have any ideas.

There are two of these either side of Mount View Road, on the border with Islington.

Cheers chaps. They seem (unsurprisingly) to be all over the place. I'd never previously been aware of them.



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