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Our Jezza appears to be having a session with Sammy in the FP American Gardens outdoor gym:

This from The Sun, link here if you can bear to click it

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And your own analysis? 

I am not inclined to open a link from The Sun as its just gossip and fake news but carry on...


Fine pair of legs.

Corbyn is the other one Maggie.

When you get to my age you get more mature tastes!

He’s often out and about in the park, cycling or jogging, but I haven’t seen photographers following him around there. This story is clearly a stage managed PR stunt to counter the suggestions about his physical health. He’s still not fit to be Prime Minister though.

100% agree

If JC is often jogging in the park (which I'm happy to believe, although I've never seen him there myself), then I don't think you could describe this as a "stage-managed stunt"?

I was agreeing with the point about prime ministerial fitness

Can you expand your well thought out argument to give some analysis for the point you have made badly...

Later he was found sitting on the boundary fence 

I've seen him running in the park too, which would suggest a reasonable level of physical fitness.

Fitness to be pm is an entirely different matter. 



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