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Does anyone knows of a leather repair specialist reasonably locally (or online) they can recommend? I have a lovely, reasonably new wallet that needs a small repair to the internal zip, more than folk like Callis Locksmiths can fix for me.

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Some years ago a friend had a leather bag repaired here:


Thank you!

Go to Kallis shoe repairs in Crouch End. They virtually repair anything leather - I've taken them all sorts of stuff to fix. Friendly, excellent service and they know their stuff!!

I tried them, it's beyond their powers.

Ahh, if  they can't fix it, maybe time to get a knew one then! Good luck x

Try Modella shoe repair shop near Turnpike Lane tube. They fixed the zip on a musical instrument case for me recently, when every other local repair shop, drycleaner etc said they couldn't do it.

That sounds promising, thanks!



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