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Can anyone recommend a good, local removal firm? Not a van and man type thing but a proper company, suitable for a house move.

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I would also appreciate any recommendations on this. Thanks.

Try http://www.adamsremovals.co.uk/home.html - my housemate has used them and been very happy with the service.

We used J.A. Coles last summer: http://www.colesremovals.co.uk/About.aspx

They were careful, organised and cheerful. Also used them to pack up our flat before the move and were pleased with the job they did there, too. Would use them again.

Thanks, have just decided on JA Coles, they gave us the best price, so very pleased the impression i got seems to be the right one. Will post back after the big move.

Hi! I was just wondering how the move went? I'm planning on my own (small) move back to Harringay next week and would appreciate any comments on the company.

Many thanks :-)

Hi Sharon, it went really well! I can recomment JA Coles, very good service. We had a packing service too, so had two men in to pack the day before, and then 4 men on the day of the move. They sorted parking with the Council (for a fee, but means you have one less thing to worry about), they were fast, pleasant and careful. Of all our contents we had one chipped plate and, annoyingly a tiny, but vital bit broken off our hoover, which was the last thing to go on the lorry before it left. Am claiming the hoover bit back on insurance. So pretty impressive overall I think!


Great - thanks! I'm moving from and to a studio flat - and already have everything packed - so don't have very much at all, but do have a couple of items of furniture.

will send a request for a quote - thanks!

Fast Services  0208 347-5552

they are tenents of mine at Storebox self storage on hornsey high street and are good honest people

We were looking for a removal company about the same time that Anette started this thread and just moved yesterday so I thought I'd add our movers to the list.

We used Stork Removals in Enfield. Their rates were good and they made for a stress-free move even though we were still packing when they turned up. They carefully moved some delicate electronic equipment, *lots* of pot plants and a pretty hefty record collection. They did draw a line at lugging the records up stairs in the new place - but I did use boxes twice as big as I should have and they did make up for it by moving round some white goods that we were getting rid of.

Highly recommended: Stork Removals 

they sound great - thanks! I think I've got somethign sorted now though, have managed to coerce/bribe/plead with friends and family who have offered various cars to help, though I'm now looking for a "man and van" type affair to help with moving a few items of furniture too big for a car (I'm only going from Stoke Newington so looking for someone local). But if any of this falls though I shall definitely give them a call. Thanks! :)



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