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London's Healthiest and unhealthiest high streets are both in Haringey

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I don't doubt that. But you're not talking about Haringey are you? John said "the intention is for the West to subsidise the east but the unfair connections those people have with the council prevent this". That implies an issue on a very significant scale and I don't think your anecdote (even if completely accurate) supports that. 

Your irony, John, has too many layers for me to disentangle. We have been and still are in the EU and various projects within the Tottenham Constituency have over the years benefited from EU funding.

Yes there is deprivation in Tottenham. Some children come to school hungry and there is increasing use of food banks. And not just here. None of us have to go far to see the increase in public homelessness. Shelter reports on the even larger problem of hidden homelessness.
But not everyone who isn't wealthy is "deprived".

Incidentally In your musing on tax and public expenditure you may want to read a Guardian letter from Mary Mellor, a friend of ours. She is one of a group of academics who write on the role of states in creating and using money to invest and promote investment and fund infrastructure without creating debt. It's an alternative to what Mary described as Mrs Thatcher's "handbag economics" where you can only spend a fixed amount. 
I gave a copy of her last book to a member of John McDonnell's team at a conference we went to. But never heard anything.
She's written a couple of articles - including in the Guardian. Or take a look at this website.

On this website? Really? I suspect that anyone doing that would have been given a very rough ride 

I gave it my best shot, believe me! Will see if I can find it. Was surprised at the time that more eyebrows were not raised tbh.

Should I be ashamed if living on West Green Rd I wonder.

The middle part of West Green Rd around Downhills doesn't feel too bad to me. Sains, Tesco, Forks and Green, Gusto. I guess there's a betting shop right there and a few takeaways though.  

Bring on the yoga studio ASAP!

Matt, If you look at the full report, you’ll see that the areas they selected were chosen by reference to boroughs’ lists of Metropolitan and District “town centres”. In Haringey, the eastern end of West Green Road is classified as a district town centre. It’s called West Green / Seven Sisters. So probably only this end was included in the data upon which the report was based.

For more on London’s “town centres”, see  https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/the_london_plan_malp_...

Good to know. Thanks

I’m no fan of the Mail, but let’s keep things clear. Do you feel that the Mail misrepresents the research?

Just echoing what a resident said about tanning shops and there not being any in reality. It's harder to entirely believe a report with an error in it, isn't it?

The RSPH report may contain errors which the Mail piece echoes. I wouldn’t dispute that, I’m just pointing out that we should be clear about where any inaccuracies come from. 

I understand the rotisserie heaters used to cook the kebabs provide a decent tan and are much cheaper than those available in the salons of Muswell Hill.



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