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Looking to build a first floor balcony above extention - any advice?

Hi there, I own a terraced house in Harringay and would like to create some sort of open space on the first floor - the space would ideally be a door (currently where the back window is) that opens out onto what is currently the extension below, it has a flat roof.

Obviously the roof would need to have a new floor applied etc so that we are not walking around on the asphalt roof, plus safety railings around the sides but does anyone know If i need planning permission for the project?

I cannot seem to find any relevant information on the Haringey website. I know a raised platform need permission, but i do not anticipate on making a raised platform as the doors would open straight out onto it.

Has anyone seen this done, or indeed have images of something similar?

Any help/advice appreciated.

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I'm pretty sure that it needs planning permission and is unlikely to get it (I remember reading about others in the past who've been turned down).
Stick some fake grass on it and a few bamboo plants ariund the edges and you've got yourself an unofficial roof terrace. Just don't have guests up there and be very careful and you've got yourself a pretty view that you can sneak onto and read a book now and again. Make sure the bamboo plants are carefully secure, only do it if there is a small parapet wall to keep them safe. Also get someone qualified to check the structure of the roof to make sure it's solid.

To be honest, FPR, that is exactly what I want to do. No major changes to the structure/view are needed or wanted. But i do not want to spend the money and then find out I have to remove it all...I have emailed the council, who promised to respond in three days so I will see what they say. I am guessing the biggest issue will be privacy, as it is a terraced house so I'd have to put some sort of separation up so I'm not peering in the neighbours window. All very hypothetical yet, but let's see....

The key point is, you're not supposed to overlook your neighbour's gardens in this way, hence the recommendation of Bamboo. Imagine yourself sitting in your back yard enjoying a nice meal with friends while another group sits out on their roof terrace a couple of doors along enjoying theirs and you get the idea.

Be a bit like a café or restaurant then ?

Not if it's your own back yard.

Generally. ceiling beams are lighter than floor joists, because they are not meant to take the same weight, and would need to be strengthened.

You may know not to put a grand piano or a rugby side out there but would the new owner when you come to sell ? At the very least, you should get advice from a surveyor.

Had a response from the council - I do indeed need PP. It is judged mainly on how much is affects the neighbours.

What did you ask them that you want to do ? There is no law I know of that says safely secured plants and fake grass can't be placed on a flat roof that you own.

From my experience, be super respectful and super careful and you should be ok.



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