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We lost out little boy's shoe somewhere between Terront Road and the Snug Art Cafe on Green Lanes. We think it was most probably lost either on Terront Rd, Cranleigh Rd, Woodlands Park Rd or St Ann's Rd, but it might be on Avondale or Glenwood.

If anyone happens to see it please let me know. It's of little material value but great sentimental importance as it was his first shoe.

It a left foot, tan colour, Clarks shoe (with a white sole). Size 3.5G (images attached)


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Hello I think I found your shoe and I have got it. It was just outside of woodlands park nursery. Do you want me to leave it at the reception of the nursery?

Oh wow!!! Yes please! If you could please give them my name then someone will collect it today. 

Thank you so much, you've made my day. 

The centre is  closing at 2:30 today. Do you think you can make it? Othersiwe i can put it through to your post box if you are nearby. 

Hey Bo, yes please leave it there. We can pick it up right now

Can you do it after 11?

Yes, our little boy is there at a class right now so can pick it up 

Just left it at the reception and they were happy pass it on. 

Collected! Thank you so much again :) 



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